Free Membership (limited time offer)

AggieExpress Cab Taxi service value and care the returning and loyal customers. Without our customers we are nothing.

We offer $5 discounts for our members on every ride*.

We welcome you and really appreciate becoming our member for the year 2018. Please fill out the following form and the membership number will be emailed/text you.

$5 discount will be applicable from the second and onward rides.
*Please note: the minimum fare will be $15 even after discount.
-For example, if the customer wants to travel only 3 miles and the regular fare for that trip will be $17.5 and for members after the discount, it will be $15 and suppose, if the customer wants to travel 4 miles, the regular fare will be $20 and for members, after $5 discount, it will be $15 only. Awesome, right?
Also, please note, there are no discounts available on trips between 10pm to 6am.

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