Q. Can I book taxi/cab online?
Answer: Yes, you can always book your cab online through our website, click here.

Q. Can I pay with Card?
Answer: Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Q. Can I pay in advance through credit card on the phone?
Answer: Yes, you can always pay in advance through your credit card, either by calling us at our main number +1 (979) 777-8444 to the dispatcher.

Q. What If I don’t want/cannot pay over the phone, can I pay online?
Answer:  Yes, we will need your email address, we will send you a Square invoice at your email address and you can pay online for your or your guest/friend/family member.

Q. Do you have accessible vans for handicap people?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have accessible vans for disabled people.

Q. Do you charge extra fare if I want to pay with a card?
Answer: No, the fare will be same either you want to pay with the card or cash, you will not be charged any additional fee for paying with credit card.

Q. Do you accept debit cards?
Answer: Yes, we do.

Q. Are your drivers professional and background checked?
Answer: Yes, all our drivers are professional and have background checked and registred with local authorities.



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